Q. Whom should I talk to if I have questions or input during the unpacking service?

A. We will have a lead onsite to answer all questions and give direction to the team.

Q. How long will the unpacking process take?

A. Each home is unique with different variables such as quantity of belongings, storage space in the home, and homeowner preferences. We will assess the job before starting and give you an estimated time of completion.

Q. Do I need to be present while you unpack? How will you know where to put things?

A. After your initial input and guidance when we arrive at your home, you are not required to stay for the unpacking. Our experienced staff will take into consideration any special requests you may have, and then use common sense to find the best fit for all your things.

Q. Will my fragile belongings be safe? Is ABODA licensed, bonded, and insured?

A. ABODA is licensed, bonded, and insured. We take great care with your belongings and handle each item as if it were our own. If something comes out of a box broken, our lead will let you know right away.

Q. Do you clean the house and take away all the moving debris when finished?

A. We put the “Finishing Touch” on your house so you can come back to a clean and well organized home. ABODA will wipe out the cupboards before items are put away and will clean the floors that were walked on. At this time ABODA does not haul away moving boxes or packing materials, but will flatten and neatly stack them out of the way.

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