Why should I hire a Property Manager?

Whether this is your primary residence or an investment property there are many details to consider in marketing, leasing and managing your property.  It is important that you follow all local, state and federal landlord tenant laws and regulations.  You also need to be legally protected through professional lease documents.  ABODA keeps up with any changes in landlord tenant laws and will ensure that all forms are legally written and properly executed.    At ABODA Property Management we have licensed and experienced property managers that will help educate you on the market trends, laws governing rentals and will navigate any difficult tenant situations to ensure your property is cared for.  You can rest easy that you and your property are protected.

What is the difference between Property Management, Vacant Property Management and Lease only?

ABODA Property Management offers several options to service your comfort level, time or expertise with your property needs. 

Full Property Management includes listing, marketing, leasing, lease renewals, ongoing rent collection, funds disbursement, tenant management and maintenance of your property. 

Vacant property management is perfect for that owner who may be leaving their primary residence for an extended period, but does not want a tenant in the home.  ABODA Property Management’s program will ensure a set of eyes on your home, assistance with ongoing maintenance needs and a full report for peace of mind while you are away. 

Lease only services provide you with marketing, listing and leasing services to ensure you have a qualified tenant legally ready to move in.  Subsequent rent collection, maintenance needs and tenant interaction is handled by you as an owner in this scenario.

How will you find a tenant for my property?

ABODA Property Management will fully market your property via the internet, signage, web site and NWMLS.  Our sister company, ABODA Global Housing Management provides temporary housing for thousands of relocating employees each year, many who find permanent housing through ABODA Property Management after vacating their company paid short term stays.   In addition, ABODA has great relationships with other relocation companies that assist professionals who are moving to the area and are in need of long term housing.  We have access to professional clients from the biggest employers in the greater Seattle area. 

How long will it take to rent my property?

Time on the market for a property depends on a few things; proper pricing, property condition, the season that the home is listed on the market and general rental conditions.  Your property manager can guide you about what to expect during your free, no obligation consultation. 

What do I need to do to prepare my property as a rental?

First impressions of the properties are very important while trying to secure a quality tenant.  What will need to be done depends on the property, age, and prior maintenance of the home.  ABODA Property Management will consult with you regarding any cosmetic updates such as painting or landscaping.  Our property managers will also assess the property for any important safety issues that need to be resolved prior to listing your property.  Our relationships with quality licensed vendors will ensure that your property is rent ready and at maximum rental value in the shortest amount of time.

Can I decide who we rent the property to?

It is very important to follow the letter of the law for state and federal Landlord Tenant laws.  One of the most important reasons to hire ABODA Property Management is that we are well versed in the landlord tenant laws and will make sure that marketing and leasing your home complies with all state and federal regulations.   ABODA Property Management performs an in depth screening of every applicant to safeguard your investment.  ABODA will also ensure that any marketing and showing of your property  follows state and federal regulations.  We are here to protect you and your assets from accidental or unintentional mistakes which could lead to litigation later.

Do I have to allow pets at my property?

Declining a pet is not considered discrimination unless it is licensed as a service animal.  However, it is important to keep in mind that a large number of qualified tenants do have an animal family member.  Your property manager can help set guidelines for the possibility of a pet on the property.  If you absolutely do not want a pet at the property it is your right, but may affect the time it takes to secure a quality tenant.

When is rent paid and how do I receive my funds?

Rent is due on the 1st business day of the month.  Late fees are assessed on the 2nd of the month.  Rent is either paid via auto banking or by check.  Funds need to clear prior to being transferred to you.  Once tenant’s funds have been verified, they are electronically transferred to the bank account of your choice by the 10th business day of the month.

What happens if the tenant damages the property?

ABODA Property Management collects a security/damage deposit prior to the tenant taking possession of the property. In addition we perform a full move in inspection with written documentation and pictures noting the move in condition of the property.  While Washington State law does allow room for "normal wear and tear" anything above and beyond that would be noted at the move out inspection, repairs coordinated and expenses settled through the tenant's deposit. 

How are emergencies or repairs / maintenance handled at the property? 

Full service property management clients recieve the benefit of having a 24 hour emergency contact via their property mananger.  As an owner, you will be notified immediately if there are emergencies involving your property.  You can rest at ease while ABODA handles all emergencies.