Why should I rent from ABODA Property Management?

ABODA Property Management represents quality, well maintained, competitively priced properties in the most desirable neighborhoods.  Our real estate professionals are all experienced and licensed with specific property management experience.  We have maintenance professionals on staff and also utilize licensed quality vendors to ensure that any potential maintenance issues are serviced and repaired in a timely manner.  Renting through a professional property management firm assures that all Landlord tenant laws are followed for your protection and that you have a liaison for maintenance and care of the home you rent.  Detailed move- in documentation accurately describes the condition of the property at occupancy creating an easy deposit refund when the time comes for you to vacate your rental property. 

How do I apply to rent your property?

Download our fillable rental application by clicking here.  After you have completed the application, please forward it to the listed ABODA Property Manager.  Your application can also be mailed or faxed to 425.881.3420.

How long does screening take for the application?

It typically takes 24-48 hours for the 3rd party screening company to process applications.  The listing property manager will keep in contact with you throughout the process.

Can I decide how long of a lease I want to sign?

The lease length for the property is prearranged by the owner and property manager.  Most owners in the greater Seattle area ask for a 12 month minimum lease term.  Occasionally an owner will negotiate a shorter lease term so be sure to ask during the application process.

What will I need to pay up front?  Are all of my deposits refundable?

One full month’s rent and any security/damage deposits are due prior to move in.  All deposits are fully refundable based on the condition of the home after you vacate.

When is rent due and how do I pay rent?

Rent is due in advance and no later than the 1st day of the month.  Rent is paid via direct debit which is set up when you sign your new lease. 

How do I set up utilities for the property?

ABODA Property Management conveniently offers a “Utility” tab on our web site www.aboda.com. On the website you will find information on what services are available in your location.  Tenants are responsible for connecting and paying their own utility accounts either by phone or via their web sites. 

Do I need renters insurance?

It is in your best interest to purchase renters insurance.  The home owner’s insurance does not provide any coverage for you or your possessions.  Renters insurance is easy and affordable!  You can obtain a no obligation quote by clicking here.

How do I schedule maintenance?

ABODA Property Management conveniently offers a maintenance request form.   Please click on the form to download and submit requests to your property manager via email, fax or mail.  You will receive confirmation of receipt of the request from your property manager and an estimated time frame for the completion of the work. 

What happens when my lease expires?  Can I rent month to month?

You may be offered an opportunity to sign a renewal for your property in advance of your lease end date.  Generally lease renewals are for a 12 month period.  Occasionally an owner will consider renting month to month, but this is rare.  Be sure to ask your property manager who would be happy to present the request to the owner.

How do I give notice to vacate the property?

ABODA Property Management’s website offers the ability to provide your notice by downloading the notice to vacate form.  Please download the form and submit to your property manager via email, fax or mail.

Can I use my deposit as my last month’s rent? How do I get my deposit back?

The security deposit is not used as rent.  It is held to ensure the property is returned in same or better condition after you vacate.

Within 14 days after you vacate the property you will receive a written statement documenting the status of your deposit and a check with the remainder or full refund of the deposit.  When you give notice to vacate you should review the link move out process, which outlines expectations for the condition of the property upon your vacating.

Can I Break my Lease?

Your lease is a legal and binding contract in which you have agreed to be liable for rent and utilities through the full term.  If a situation should arise that creates the need for you to terminate your lease early please keep in mind that at minimum you will:

  • Forfeit your deposit
  • Pay a minimum fee equal to one month’s rent for a replacement tenant
  • Be responsible to pay rent, all utilities and maintain the property until an equally qualified tenant is secured and a new lease is signed. 

If you need to give notice to vacate the property click here.